Junior Lifeguard Preparation Course- REGISTER HERE 

Course runs Feb.19-May 4th. Last day to join is April 22nd!


The Malibu Aquatics Foundation has teamed up with Malibu Seawolves Swimming to offer a Junior Lifeguard Preparation course that begins Feb. 19th through May 4th.  Your athlete may join our program until April 22nd and must stay until the end of the course.

We deeply care about supporting local athletes that may one day watch over our beaches. We have a 100% success rate of our athletes qualifying for State & County Junior Lifeguard standards who complete all training weeks.








Photo by Valeria  Sorci


Some Commonly Asked Questions:

Who is the Junior Lifeguard Preparation Course For? 

The course is for any potential and/or returning Junior Lifeguards who would like to meet their program’s qualifying criteria or condition to prepare for their Junior Lifeguard program. Local Junior Lifeguard programs include the Leo Carrillo State Junior Lifeguards and the LA County Zuma Junior Lifeguard program.  


What is the weekly training schedule?  

You may choose any three days per week for your athlete to swim when their designated swim group has offered workout.  You may find workout days and times here: https://www.teamunify.com/SubTabGeneric.jsp?_stabid_=113109&team=camsea



Does my swimmer have to do a tryout?

Yes. All swimmers must complete a team tryout to be placed in the correct training group.


  • Tryouts are offered during weekdays at 4:45pm & Saturdays at 11:00am


  • Please arrive to your tryout on time and have your athlete bring a swimsuit and goggles



  • Please bring one $68.00 check paid to Malibu Aquatics Foundation for USA Swimming membership

  • If you have not paid online, please bring a check paid to the City of Malibu for registration


Our tryout process is quick. If ALL registration information is completed and your athlete passes our swim test he/she may join workout the same day.


No drop-ins without a scheduled tryout date and time.  



What is the Program cost?

$60.00 per week + a one-time $68.00 fee for USA Swimming Registration.  Once your athlete joins the program must stay enrolled until the course end on May 4th. Dues are paid from the date you join until the end of the course (there are 10 total weeks offered).

Membership dues are paid by check to the City of Malibu and the one-time USA Swimming registration are paid by check to Malibu Aquatic Foundation. 



What is the Junior Lifeguard Qualifying Criteria? *












Leo Carrillo State Junior Lifeguards 

1) Swim 100 yards continuously (within the allotted time) 
2) Swim 10 yards underwater (in fewer than 3 attempts) 
3) Tread water for 5 minutes 

Time standards for the 100 yard swim are as follows: 
• 14-17 year olds must complete the swim in less than 2 min 30 sec. 
• 12-13 year olds must complete the swim in less than 3 min. 
• 9-11 year olds must complete the swim in less than 3 min. 30 sec. 




LA County Fire Department Lifeguard Division Junior Lifeguard Program 


100 yard pool swim test under: 


1:50 for 9-11 year olds – C Group 

1:40 for 12-13 year olds – B Group 

1:30 for 14-17 year olds – A Group 

Complete a 7′ surface dive.

*We use the most recent qualifying information published by the mentioned organizations. This information is subject to change and independent of our organization.

What is the Malibu Aquatics Foundation?

The Malibu Aquatics Foundation is a 501c3 nonprofit that has a mission is to promote and foster the development of, and fundraising for, aquatic programs, youth aquatic education and aquatic safety.